Dams & Sires

We take great pride in our Dams and Sires at Poodles n' Doodles!  We make sure to add only the best dogs to our program.  We look at their personalties, dispositions and health when considering if they will fit well into our program.  Each Dam and Sire are health tested before being bred.  Our dams skip a heat cycle in between litters so they can recover to the fullest and be in the best health before another litter.  They are fed high quality dog food to ensure they get the best nutrition.  They also receive regular vet visits, and are up to date on vaccinations.  Our dams and sires are members of our family and live indoors along side of the family.  Most of all they are loved and cherished and treated with kindness and respect!


Lyla - Irish Setter

Lyla is an AKC Irish Setter.  She is a beautiful young lady that has a happy go lucky temperament who loves to please!  She has just the right amount of energy but then loves to lay around the house with the family!  She is great with children and loves people and other animals.  She has the pointing tendency and gets very excited when she sees birds.  She has been genetic tested and cleared of over 170 genetic diseases.  She will be OFA certified once she weans her litter of puppies since she is just now 2 years old.  Lyla weighs 49 pounds and is right on the border of a medium to large size dog.


Shaye - Silver Lab (Retired)

Shaye is a beautiful AKC Silver Labrador Retriever who is gentle, loving and an easy going lab.  She is smart and loves to please.   Shaye is very treat motivated and will do just about anything to receive a special treat.  Shaye is registered as a Chocolate Lab as silver labs are a dilute of the Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.  She will be genetic and health tested before her first litter.  She will be bred for the first time on her 3rd heat cycle.  A little after she turns 2 years old.  Shaye is the daughter of our Silver Lab, Gracie who was retired after having 2 silver lab litters.


Annie- F1 Irish Doodle (Retired)

Annie is a red abstract Irish Doodle.  She is from our first litter of Irish Doodles.  She is 2 years old.   Annie has a fabulous personality, is happy, loving and playful. She loves kids, other dogs and loves to be around people. He is so very calm and easy going, Annie is so relaxed and docile (not submissive) he has spoiled me on temperaments.  Annie weighs 38 pounds and is considered a medium size Irish Doodle.


Gilbert - Standard Poodle

Gilbert is the newest addition to our breeding program!  He is a red and white parti Standard Poodle.  He will be a future stud once he's of age and passes his genetic screening.  At the approximate age he will get OFA certified.  Gilbert is already loved and adore and learning every day!  He is picking up on basic commands.  He is smart, and sweet and already love to lay around the house.  Though he loves to play and be social too!  He is the best of both worlds!